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For you that don’t know me, I am pretty much an all-around outdoor type of guy. I hunt most big and small game, fish for salmon and trout, and like to play a little golf. Like most kids, I was introduced to hunting by my father. He started me out around age 9. He taught me to respect the animals that I was pursuing and to leave hunting grounds better than I found them.

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Moving forward to 1973, I had a recurve bow put into my hands and started the long quest of big game hunting with a bow and stick. Of course, I have also evolved with technology and now hunt with two wheels. I have always enjoyed meeting new people in the field that love this sport as much as I do.

My love and passion for this sport is why I wanted to get involved with WSB. WSB is a non-profit organization that represents all bowhunters and works on our behalf to improve and protect archery seasons in the State of Washington. I felt that if I wanted to continue to hunt here, I better do my part to help support this organization that has been looking out for me all these years. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you to help protect our hunting seasons and promise to represent WSB the best I can as one of their directors.






East Side Director and Founding Member
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Al Rinaldi HeadshotI began hunting for small game with my Dad at age 12 in Connecticut. I did some deer hunting with rifle during college years in Washington State. I became an avid upland bird hunter while in the Army in the State of Kansas, where I shot on the Army skeet team. I continued hunting for upland birds on my return to Washington State along with rifle big game hunting.

I began bow hunting when I bought my first recurve bow at Northwest archery from Glenn St. Charles in 1969. Other than a little shotgun hunting, I have been an avid bow hunter ever since. I usually hunt several states every year.

I originally belonged to Washington State archery Association. I was a regular member of the Pope and Young club but resigned my membership when it got to be too political.  I was one of the founding members of Washington State Bowhunters along with Chuck Bartlett and Gerry Egbert. We stated the Club in 1976 with the help of many new members. The idea of the Club was that each member had one vote and had a voice in the Club.

I was involved with challenging the Wildlife Department in 1984 because we virtually had no bow hunting seasons. This movement was spearheaded by Lt. Governor Brad Owen, who at the time was the chairman of the Senate Natural Resource committee. He introduced Substitute Senate Bill 4084 which got the attention of theAl Rinaldi Wildlife Department and the legislature. This was the beginning of better early and late bow hunting seasons.

I was involved with an eleven meeting tour in various cities in the Sate of Washington with Glen St. Charles to encourage Resource Allocation. This movement was spearheaded by Rich Poelker who was an Assistant Director in the Wildlife Department. Eventually Resource Allocation was adopted and enabled Bow Hunters to get better seasons through choice of weapons.

I continue to serve on our Board of Directors with the view of protecting the hunting rights of all Washington Bow Hunters whether they hunt with long bow, recurve or compound bow.


East Side Director
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While I’m an attorney by profession, I am also an avid hunter, bow-hunter, and outdoor photographer living in Bellevue, WA.  I am married with one daughter.


I have been a resident of WA for all but 6 years in my life and have spent my life hunting, fishing, and hiking nearly every area in WA state.  I avidly bow-hunt WA elk, deer, and small game each year.  I have been a board member, vice-president, and president of the WSB and have enjoyed representing the WSB over the years.




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David Hell photoDavid Hell groupFrom an early age, I took an interest in archery. At age 6, I remember seeing an arrow fly out of my longbow . . and I was hooked. Over the years I’ve seen dramatic changes in archery and bowhunting, and I’ve had an opportunity to interact with many wonderful people in the archery world. My main interest is big game hunting in North America with traditional archery equipment. However, I embrace all forms of hunting in general and all the rights that go along with that. 

I’ve been a life member of WSB for many, many years. Early on I volunteered to be the editor of the newsletter and continue in that capacity. I recently retired from the business world and have now joined the WSB Board as a Director supporting our organization in the ongoing mission working to ensure the future of bowhunting.’







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