Why am I a Member?

I am a life time Washington resident and have hunted for over 60 membership_Elkyears in this state. For the past 40 plus years I have been an archer in Washington and as such have seen our opportunity to hunt big game using archery equipment go from virtually no opportunity to one that is at least tolerable.

The opportunity we enjoy today is, in a large part, due to the long time effort of the Washington State Bowhunters (WSB). The organization continuously interfaces with Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife advocating on behalf of Bowhunters for better hunting opportunities. Without an organization that can speak on behalf of a large group of hunters with a common interest and with a unified voice, our hunting opportunity would be dismal at best since individual voices are often masked by that of other unified user groups which advocate on behalf of their own interests.

The effort to maintain and improve our bow hunting opportunity is an ongoing effort and the more members we have the louder our voice becomes. As they say “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. This, along with several other reasons is why I became a life member of the organization.

Earl Prentice
Life Time Member of Washington Bow Hunters Association